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Perforated products are used across a wide section of industry for varied purposes like sound insulation, filtration & decorative uses.


  • We specialize in custom manufacturing of SS & GI perforated sheets in various metals.Mild Steel – Most Commonly used due to its cost effectiveness.
  • SS – Stainless Steel – It ensures long working life without corrosion. We undertake perforation in AISI grades 304,310,321,410,430 and Duplex ( 2205)
  • Galvanized Steel – It is mild steel coated with zinc,We also perforate in Aluminium, Copper, Brass materials.
  • We can perforate these material from 0.35mm thickness to 12mm sheet thickness. We have a large set of tools to perforated different holes sizes with different pattern. The different shapes we can perforate is Round,Square Rectangle( Slotted ), Hexagonal, Diamond Triangle

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